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Participating in tournaments is the some of the best learning experience you will have in water polo. This is where you use all the skills you’ve practiced, put them to the test, and see what high-level competition can bring out of you.  Not to mention, they are a lot of fun!  To become a better player, attend as many tournaments as you qualify for and are able to attend.

First tournament?  Click here for Tournament FAQ's.

Fall Tournaments

Orlando International Halloween Tournament

October 7-9, 2022

Orlando (Rosen) 

12U, 15U - Coed, 18U - Boys & Girls

Battle of the Bay

November 12 & 13, 2022

Largo/Clearwater, FL

10U, 12U, 14U Coed - Largo

16U, 18U - Boys & Girls - Clearwater

Miami Cup

November 17-19, 2023

Miami, FL (Belen HS)


December 3 & 4, 2022

Seminole HS, Orlando, FL 

14U - Coed, 18U - Boys & Girls

Beast of the East 

December 9-11, 2022

NTC  *We host* See tab for more info

12U, 14U - Coed, 16U, 18U - Boys & Girls   

Winter Tournaments

Patriot Tournament


Lake Brantley HS, Orlando

14U Coed, 18U Boys & Girls

UCF Knights


UCF, Orlando

18U only

International Tournament

February 17-19

Coral Springs, FL

Spring Tournaments


April 22-23

NTC  *We host* See tab for more info

12U, 14U - Coed

Dynamo Invite

May 6-7

Atlanta, GA

12U, 14U - Coed

Spring in the Swamp

May 18-19

Gainesville, FL

12U, 14U - Coed

Summer Tournaments

Mariachi Tournament

May 5-7

Orlando, FL

12U Coed, 15U Coed, 18U Boys and Girls

USAWP Sarasota Beach Tournament

May 20-21

Sarasota, FL

14U Mixed, 16U & 18U Boys and Girls

Florida East Coast Tournament

June 2-4

Boca Raton, FL

14U Coed, 18U Boys and Girls

Central Florida Championship

June 10-11

Orlando, FL (Seminole HS)

12U Coed, 14U Coed, 18U Boys and Girls

Sunshine State Games

June 23-25

Orlando, FL (Rosen)

12U, 14U - Coed, 16U, 18U - Boys & Girls, Womens, Mens


Junior Olympics

July 27-30

Dallas, TX  

14U, 16U Girls & Boys

Tournament Fees

The total fee for the tournament will be split between the players attending; therefore, the price will vary for each tournament. 

Tournament fees will be billed directly to the athletes invited to attend via Team Snap.


All athletes are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations. 

We try to bring down the price of tournament fees with any extra in the budget, but tournament fees are not included in your dues.  

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