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Orlando Thunder produces...


Starting their water polo careers with Orlando Thunder, or supplementing their school team training with Orlando Thunder, many young athletes have grown into champions under the tutelage of our coaching staff.  These are just a few examples of the excellence that come out of Orlando Thunder over the years. 

boys water polo.JPG
girls water polo.JPG


MYTH:  Only private schools play water polo.

FACT:   Water Polo can be an expensive sport. $$$


You Can Make the Difference…


Last year the Olympia Water Polo teams had an excellent season.  The boys' and girls' teams BOTH went to on to the state tournament, with the girls winning our first-ever state title!  The boys are looking to try to match them this year. Out of the water... Our team had one of the highest GPAs as a group, on campus last year. We have many athletes that have gone on to play in college and others that are being recruited.


Participating in the sport of water polo is expensive. Our school has no pool.  The team is responsible for provid­ing the equipment, renting pool time, purchasing uniforms, paying event registration fees, and travel expenses. There­fore, we are reaching out to you to help us succeed.  


Please consider making a tax-deductible contribu­tion to OHS Water Polo and becoming part of our extended team. Coach often tells us that “The Power of WE is greater than the Pow­er of Me.” Through all of our efforts we will rebuild our former State Champ girls' team and power our boys' team on towards a State title. We thank you for your consideration in helping us this year.

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