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Sign ups begin April 2024 

The goal of the Orlando Summer League is to provide athletes with more opportunities to play in competitive games.  Athletes of all ability levels from all High Schools are invited and welcome to join. Teams will be generated in an attempt to make them even and provide opportunities to meet other athletes with the same love of our great sport.

Summer 2023

When are Games?

Games will be Tuesday nights starting May 30th and running through July 18th.

Summer storms are a part of Florida life, therefore, we have rain make-up dates on Saturdays or Sundays, if needed.


Where are Games?

Games will mostly be held at the NTC, with a few possibly being at Lake Howell.  The specific schedule will be made after the registration deadline.

Who is eligible to play?

2023 High School Graduates through rising 9th graders.  Rising 8th graders may play with their club coach’s permission.

Do I need a USA Water Polo Membership?

Yes, all athletes must be registered with USAWP with at least a Bronze membership.

Who is eligible to play?

2023 High School Graduates through rising 9th graders.  Rising 8th graders may play with their club coach’s permission. Coaches must send a letter of permission for each individual player to before the deadline of registration.

What water polo rules will we use to play?

USAWP rules will apply:

6 Minute quarters

1 Full and 1 Set Up Time Out - to be called by Captain

If a team is short athletes, athletes from another team may help fill in as substitutes.  The substitute MUST be a part of the league. Substitutes must check in with the coach on deck prior to the start of the game and be placed on the roster for that game only.


How will teams be selected?

After an athlete registers, their high school coach will help rank each athlete. Teams will be divided equally by position.

Who will lead the team in games?

Each team will have a captain.  The option of being a captain will be on the registration form. If an athlete selects this option, they become available to be selected by the local club coaches.  There will be a captains meeting before the league begins.


Will there be coaches on deck?

Yes, there will be at least one coach on deck for each game helping to monitor and support all athletes.


How are the games officiated? 

There will be at least one experienced referee on each game.  The second ref on each game will be someone who is learning and practicing their refereeing skills.  Athletes and parents are reminded to stay positive and always cheer for a team.


Is there a Spectator Fee?

Spectators will pay a $5 entrance fee to each game day.  


Respectful Behavior Required

If an athlete gets a brutality penalty, they may be removed from the league. This will be determined by the head referee and sent in written form to USA water polo and


How do I Register?

You will need your USAWP# to register.


How much does it cost? How do I Pay?

$75 and you will pay through the registration link on Team Snap


What is TeamSnap?

TeamSnap is our communication and billing platform.  You will want to activate your TeamSnap account in order to receive schedules and communication, especially about potential summer storm updates.


How do I know what team I am on? 

Once registration closes, teams will be created and announced through TeamSnap communication.


When does Registration close?

Registration will close as soon as the league is full (11 athletes on a team) or May 22nd, 2023, whichever comes first.






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