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Summer Tournaments

May 13, 14, 15

Mariachi Tournament

Lake Highland (Orlando)

15U Girls, 18U Boys 


May 20-22 Team Camp

Orlando, FL

Camp available to Thunder team members and coaches at NTC given by National Coach of Pride Club in California, Jack Kocur


June 3-5  

FEC Classic 

Boca Raton

14U Coed, 18U Girls, 18U Boys


June 10-12

Central Florida Championships  

Orlando, FL

14U Coed, 18U Girls, 18U Boys


June 24-26, 2022

Sunshine State Games

Coral Springs, Florida

Coed 12U, Coed 14U, Boys 16U, Girls 16U, Boys 18U, Girls 18U

July 27-31

Junior Olympics

Dallas, TX

14U, Girls 16U, Boys 16U

Tournament Payments

The total fee for the tournament will be split between the players attending; therefore, the price will vary. 

Tournament fees will be billed directly to the athletes invited to attend via Team Snap.


*All athletes are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations. 

*Tournament fees are not included in your dues.  

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